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i am sending with word, printing on winfax printer, now it starts the fax assistant, then i select all numbers from my phone book (i imported around 1000) and after some seconds the faxes are in the queue and winfax starts sending.

the error is all around 5 or 7 faxes and sounds like this ( i translate it from german) – i could send you an image if possible

the problem is with the symantec message-manger
it displays the progress by sending fax and after 100% there comes every 5 to 7 faxes the following message:

Winfax MOD – U.S. Robotics 56K Faxmodem USB: WFXMOD32.EXE – Error

The statement in 0x20576052 references to adress 0x000008, read could not be performed on memory.

Click Ok, to end program. But then the progress monitor freezes still displaying 1 from 1 (100%..)

I can´t even remove it with the X.
To my surprise winfax is continuing with the fax and sends the next faxes with the freezing progress monitor. In the send faxes folder there come the new success or not send messages and everythings works. After a 5-7 faxes the error pop ups again.

Any Idea? Have you ever seen such an error?