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With WinFax PRO 10.0x You should have two WinFax printer drivers, the WinFax Photo Quality driver and the WinFax driver. Both should be listed in Control Panel>Printers. To delete the driver, you would need to remove it from there.
Control Panel>Printers. (Select WinFax (Photo Quality) printer, Right-Click, Delete)

If you only have the problem with the WinFax (Photo Quality) driver, then remove that one, reboot the computer, and then run the Tool to reinstall the WinFax printer drivers, it may report that the WinFax driver is already installed, but it should re-add the Photo Quality driver too. If it doesn’t, then yes, you could end up with no WinFax Photo Quality driver, but then it should give you an error message which could be used to solve the problem.

Symantec has this document listing the specific driver files.

However, I think it is very unlikely that the problem is due to corruption of the driver, because the identical symptoms exist on both my laptop and desktop machines, which have very different stuff installed, and are used for different purposes.

Yes, unlikely, but possible. There is something that is the same on both machines that is causing this problem.

Do you have any other printer drivers (actual printers, not virtual printers like Adobe PDF Writer, or similiar) installed on these computers? I suggest trying to add a local HP LaserJet printer using the Add A Printer Wizard in Control Panel, Printers (go through the process of the installation as if you had the printer connected), this forces windows to re-add specific printer related files that may be required for Windows. Of course the printer driver won’t work, but the goal here is to force windows to
“refresh” printer related system files that may have been missing. You can then delete the printer once you’ve determined if this helped, or not. Surpising, but this has resolved some WinFax printer driver related issues before.