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I infer from your suggestion that:

1. Winfax pro 10.x was written in c++.
2. It uses side-by-side assembly. (Which, despite being a c++ programmer, I don’t know what that is.)
3. It used runtimes that were older than this and therefore which might have bugs.

I might add that in my experience as a c++ programmer, primarily under Linux, I found that the MS compiler very often produced incorrect code, especially when one used the more esoteric features of c++, so I’m encouraged that this may solve the problem. (But, on the pessimistic side, the problem looks more like a programmer error than a compiler or library bug. What’s worse, it could be a bug in a different driver — e.g., causing a buffer overrun into someplace that Winfax uses). But, without source code, it’s all a giant mystery.)

In any case, I will first try renstalling the Winfax printer drivers when I either have time to or are forced to reboot.