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@kmfax32 wrote:

i have been getting Bluescreens when winfax starts or if its already running clean, then when a fax comes in the Bluescreen error will occur

Windows XP SP3 – been running stable for quite a while. I believe after an automatic update – my troubles began.

Any help? I was a premium subscriber and that subscription ran out. If there is a printer driver that I can download that you say will fix it, I will resubscribe as member. I did make sure the DLL Security fix has been run

Can you determine the error message that appears in the bluescreen? this will give you a clue to the cause of the error and a possible solution.
Would need more details on your fax modem to determine the next step.

If the error occurs when you print to the WinFax driver, then it may be solved by WinFax Tools by clicking on No Pages Fix , and/or Fix Startup Errors (in Setup & Install Options). Using the Fix Startup Error option is a recommended check.