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About 5 seconds after shutting down the controller and winfax, everything except wfxswtch and wfxsnt40 are not running as expected. I think during a previous install, wfxmod32.exe process would not shut down until I tried to kill the process a few times. It has not happened recently. I am essentially back to where I was before trying the “WTNSETUP” suggestion which didn’t work out and actually set me back a little bit.

So, here is what occurs at this point using my last sent fax (a few minutes ago) as an example;

  1. At 2155, I clicked send. It is set to send ‘now’.
  2. At 2202, about 7 minutes later, while typing in a text editor (not Word), I noticed the dialer was in my task bar, it didn’t bring it up in front of the text editor. The program is set, ‘display status dialogue’ and ‘bring status dialogue to front’. Should it be in front (on top)? Took less time but still hangs awhile. (The previous fax took about 20 minutes before the dialer sent.)
  3. It then sent at 9600. My send setting is set for ‘as fast as it can’. I can live with that if need be.
  4. Upon completing the send, 1 page at about 30 seconds, the outbox view continued to show ‘fax waiting to be sent’, until I clicked another box. Then it appeared in my send box. That’s weird?

The fax sent before it, to Faxback, when receiving and despite making sure that auto receive is off, it still starts receiving and despite trying to cancel using the cancel button in the dialing/receiving window, it will not cancel. What to do next?