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You can try the following:

In WinFax PRO, Go to WinFax Setup (Tools, Program Setup),
click on Dialing and Location.
Click on the Location Tab.
Make sure your area code is entered here, and your phone/fax number.
Make sure 1 is entered for Long Distance Code.
Enter 011 for international access code.
Set the country to USA (1)

Next, start WinFax Tools. (download if you do not have it already, see link below)
Click on Logs & Phonebooks.
Click on Rebuild Logs & Phonebooks.
Click Yes to to rebuild the logs and phonebooks, WinFax, Controller and Outlook will close if open.
Select “status.wfb” from the dialog box, and click Open
Click Close when completed.
Click Close to exit the dialog box.
Start WinFax by clicking on Start Controller in WinFax Tools.

Try sending a new fax. (try Clicking on Send Test Fax)