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I tried all.
Nothing happened when I tried ‘send test fax’ the first time; forgot to close WinFax Tools. The second time, after opening WinFax Tools, it opened WinFax when I did test fax. Unfortunately, I do not have long distance on my land line. So, I tried to send a fax to another test number. As usual, in the details windows, having clicked ‘send now’, it said ‘waiting to be sent’. If I did nothing, it would hang like that with the ‘hourglass’ for a long time.

Eventually, I went back to check, it says, ‘call canceled on last attempt‘. I never see it dialing despite having it set to bring it up when sending. I went back to the outbox 10 minutes later and it said, ‘fax currently being sent’. After hanging another 10 plus minutes, still in the outbox, the detail screen said ‘Fax not sent’ and the time was 11 minutes 17 secs, etc.

I also tried that hyperterminal test and it worked at 1) straight dialing my cell number, and 2) dialing a fax number. I don’t know enough about it to really understand how to use any information from it.

Again, thanks for trying. I know the capability is here because it works fine with a cheaper, but newer software. I also know that the modem is not ideal but one thing we haven’t discussed are the modem strings and settings. If you have more suggestions, I will keep trying if you all will.