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Some progress …
I tried everything suggested and it still hangs saying, ‘waiting to send’ for awhile. And, as before, it then says ‘fax currently being sent’ and again, no dialer dialogue and it hangs here for awhile.

This time however ….. it tried and there was an error message saying “Unexpected or no response to training on last attempt.” And then, it tried again within 5 minutes and, IT SENT THE FAX! And, the dialer dialogue screen came up too. Progress!

I decided to try again and watch everything.

I clicked send (and it was to be sent now). I saw “Fax waiting to be sent”. It was 20:06:06. At 20:11, the dialer dialogue screen came up and it sent the fax in about 12 seconds at 14400.

1) Why does it wait and hang so long before dialing/sending?
2) Because I used HP Faxback as my test fax, I was also able to see that I can receive just fine. However, why is it that ONLY in the program (the Message Manager) and not the task tray controller, that I can change from auto receive, manual receive, etc? When I do anything like that in the controller, nothing changes. Also, regardless of the setting, auto or manual that I set in the program, when I run my mouse over the controller icon in the task tray, it always says, ‘Automatic receive disabled’?

I truly appreciate your time on this.