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The initial fax should attempt to send immediately, and if it fails it should wait a specified time you entered in the Dialing & Location settings (redial time) in seconds (by default this is 90 seconds)

Try the following:

Start WinFax Tools, click in Setup & Install Tools, click on Start WTNSETUP button.
Go through the initial setup of WinFax again.

If you have a problem where the dialog box closes immediately when you attempt to enter the phone number, or CSID entry, then in WinFax Tools, click on Fix Number Entry button. Follow directions on screen, reboot computer, then perform the WTNSETUP process again.

Once completed,
Start WinFax Tools, click on WinFax Service Options.
Click on Disable button.
Click Yes if prompted to disable WinFax Service.

Start WinFax PRO Controller
wait until controller appears.
try sending a test fax.