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I found that two files are corrupt/mismatched, MY-PH-BK.WFD and MY-PH-BK2.WFX. The remaining files are the default sizes for a normal, empty phonebook.

The MY-PH-BK.WFD file holds all the phone book entries. If it is critical that you need to manually recover a specific name and fax number, you could use a Hex/Text Editor and review some of the data from the MY-PH-BK.WFD file directly.

The only thing you can do is to fix this error from appearing in WinFax is to delete all 12 of the “MY-PH-PB” files from your “C:Program FilesWinFaxData” folder. WinFax will automatically determine these files are missing, and create a new set of “default” MY-PH-PB” phone book files. Before you delete or remove them from the folder. make sure the WinFax PRO controller, WinFax Message Manager and all other programs are shut down/closed. You can’t delete these files (or at least all of them ) if WinFax is still active. !! NOTE You have to delete all 12 of the MY-PH-BK files while WinFax is not active !!

After you do this, restart WinFax PRO. The “My Phonebook” folder should now now have 1 default contact name with a “Wastebasket” folder. The error message should no longer appear when starting WinFax PRO.