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@fish72 wrote:

Installed a fresh XP SP3 on my system.
Installed winfax pro 10.03 and updated it to 10.04

No need to install 10.04. I do not recommend this. If you are having problems using 10.03, never install 10.04. In all cases, it makes the situation worse and more time consuming to troubleshoot problems. I recommend uninstall of WinFax PRO 10.04 and reinstall of 10.03.

@fish72 wrote:

When I try to print into the winfax driver through word for example, The winfax controller doesn’t open automatically.

No, it doesn’t open automatically. This is a known issue with WinFax PRO 10 that didn’t exist with previous versions. If you don’t already have WinFax controller open, you need to start it first then print from Word (or any other application.) One way to avoid this problem is to have WinFax Controller start with Windows when you boot the computer, otherwise, the error “WinFax is not active for this account ” message may appear.

@fish72 wrote:

tried to manually send a fax via message manager, But when I manually attach a files in the “send fax” page, I don’t see the attachment, Only the default cover page. If I remove the cover page, Send button becomes greyed out.
I registered and downloaded the winfax tool 1.18, And tried the “No pages fix” and the removal and reinstallation of the winfax printer driver. but it still acts the same.
I also removed winfax and reinstalled 10.03, But problem persists.

Verify some settings using WinFax Tools.
– Click on WinFax Info. Does version 10.03 show up in all 3 lines of version information?
– Click on Install & Setup Tools button and then click Printer Monitor Check. What is indicated here?