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First of all THANK YOU John for getting back to me fast !

Since my frustration, I made an image of the computer PRE-WINFAX installation, So I can go back to it’s original software state in about 30 minutes or so.

Now…..I just installed the 10.03 version (And even canceled the LIVE UPDATE that he won’t mess up more things).

I choose that the controller will be loaded at windows startup, So i won’t have the error while trying to print from an application like WORD 2007.

Yes, version 10.03 show up in all 3 lines

In the printer monitor check I also see 3 lines and all of them with same version (10.03)

This system is applied with all latest MS updates (Including IE8). Tried this too :


But it didn’t helped.

I notice that when I try to create a fax via message manager, It tries to open an external program (Word 2007 for example), But it does not succeed and does not even give an error.