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First start with Basic test of the WinFax Printer. Without this function, you cannot print or attach any items from any application .

Go to Control Panel, Printers,
do you have both WinFax and WinFax (Photo Quality) printers listed? You should see both. If you only see one, there was a problem. If you see none, then they are not installed. If you see both, then the printers were installed in Windows. Now we need to make sure they are both working.

Start Controller so it is active in system tray. (Wait until yellow controller is ready in system tray)
Go to Control Panel, Printers. Select the WinFax Printer, right-click icon with mouse.
Click Properies.
The WinFax printer properties page displays.
Click Print Test Page.
Does WinFax Send dialog box appear with Windows test page printed?

If not, what error messages appear?

Repeat steps for WinFax (Photo Quality) printer.

If these steps result in errors, you need to confirm the date of the printer monitor files (see previous message) should be dated 12/12/2002