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@talontrax wrote:

Thanks for the explanation. I did a search for laughs on .exe switches, & didn`t really find much on the topic. I did, however, create another identical shortcut on the desktop(with a different name)without the -fd switch & it worked also, even with the winfax controller off. Anyway, problem solved & thank you for your help & expertise !

You won’t find anything documented on the specific switches for the WinFax controller, since these are internal settings that were programmed by the developers of WinFax. The -fd options were obtained by examining an existing (working) shortcut that was installed. From what I can see, the f switch tells WinFax you’re going to attach a file, and the d switch displays a message about the Drag and Drop feature in the event you just double-clicked the icon. You can see this by double-clicking the shortcut. With the -fd switch, a friendly message is displayed. Without the switch, no message is displayed and controller is opened (which could confuse a first time user of WinFax). So, It looks like you are right, you don’t actually need the switch at all for it to work.