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I followed your instructions multiple times, but to no avail. While it now has Practical Peripherals PM14400FXSA listed as the modem (instead of Standard 14400), the receive behavior has not changed — it still picks up on the first ring, says Answering, and then the dialogue box disappears. ;(

A new wrinkle is that now when I choose Modems and Communications Devices inside Program Setup, I get a warning that there is NO active modem! No matter how many times I have checked the Practical Peripherals box, hit Apply, then hit Close, when I go back to verify, no modem is designated as Active.

Another observation is that when the Active modem was set to Standard 14400 modem, the sending speed to HP Fax Back Testing Service was 14400; but with the Practical Peripherals setting, the sending speed has been defaulting to 9600. Why did that happen?

This problem-solving exercise is starting to feel like, One step forward and two steps back. I eagerly await your next instructions.