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WinFax Tools reports:
WinFax About.Cfg Version : 10.0
WinFax About.Cfg Display Version : 10.0
WinFax registry version reported : 10.0

Program Path : C:WINFAX
Data/Fax default Path : c:WINFAXData
Cover Pages Path : c:WINFAXCover

Base Operating System : XP
Logged in as Administrator account : True

Wfxmnt40.dll: 2/14/2000 4:36:18 PM Size: 131072
Wfxmnthq.dll: 2/14/2000 4:36:20 PM Size: 132608
Wfxsnt40.exe: 2/14/2000 4:36:22 PM Size: 43008

No mention is made about the 10.04 update.

Under known running fax tasks:

No other fax software is running or waiting for calls.
It is a dedicated POTS phone line.
The dialogue box says “Answering…” very briefly, then disconnects. It never gets to Negotiating or Training.

The modem is hooked up correctly.
The motherboard does not have any serial ports, so a Serial –> USB adapter is being used.

Device Manager is not showing COM2 at all, just COMs 1,3,5,6; if I recall correctly, the UPS monitor is on COM2.
Device Manager is not seeing my Practical Peripherals modem, and WinFaxPRO keeps clearing the checkbox so no Active modem is found, even though the Practical Peripherals is listed (–it’s listed but not checked in WinFax; it’s not even listed in Device Manager).

Why is WinFaxPRO not saving the Practical Peripherals as an active modem?