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I don’t know why WinFaxTools is reporting 10.0; I know at one point I was using WinFaxPRO 10.04. Maybe it used to display under Help/About Message Manager?

If you are using a serial modem, you should have a serial port on your PC. This can be accomplished by use of an add-on card with serial ports on them. Have you always been using this setup? Has it worked before with the same hardware configuration?

My current motherboard has no serial ports, but the USB–>Serial adapter hardware configuration did used to work well. I had reseached the adapters (I’ve tried 2 different ones — Belkin, Keyspan) prior to purchase, and they got good reviews. I’ll look to buy a serial port PCI card now if you think that is preferrable; but, like I said previously, it used to work with the USB–>Serial adapters.

Using the TAPI setting, the computer locked up during Answering. After rebooting, I got a dialogue box about applying Symantec KB-ID 200309015493306. A Google search revealed nothing about this KB. What’s it trying to fix?