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Mystery solved (I think) — by mixing and matching 2 different external modems (Practical Peripherals [aka, Standard 14400] and U.S. Robotics V.Everything) with 2 different Serial–>USB adapters, I was able to deduce that the COM3-adapter had a Receive problem no matter which modem was used; each of the modems Sent and Received faxes properly when connected via the other Serial–>USB adapter (associated with COM6). TAPI was the correct setting to use for the Active default-location modem.

In case you’re wondering why I prefer using the old Practical Peripherals PM14400FXSA instead of the [plug-and-play] U.S. Robotics V.Everything, it’s because this model of Practical Peripherals fax/modem displays scrolling messages rather than blinking LEDs to depict the status of transmissions. Also, I recall that in the past U.S. Robotics fax/modems had a problem communicating with certain other brands of fax/modems. I don’t know if that’s still the case.

I’m awaiting delivery of a Serial port PCI card to use instead of a Serial–>USB adapter since you WinFax experts seem to think Serial–>USB adapters can be problematic. Can’t a Serial port PCI card fail over time as well?

Thanks for all your help.