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I would suggest you determine what version of modem drivers you have installed, and if possible install the latest fax modem drivers for the specific Smartlink modem you have. A reinstall of Windows XP likely removed your existing Smartlink drivers and may have been replaced by stock drivers ( v 3.80.0 or v.4.00.07 ) included with Windows XP.

When you query the modem in Windows XP, you can get details on the type of SM56 Smartlink modem and version of drivers you already have. ATI2 – will report the software supplier and version (should indicate SmartLink); other ATi commands may be customized to show the OEM vendor name

AFAIK, the latest driver Smartlink released for the PCI/voice modem is version 4.20.01 for Windows XP.
Information of SmartLink modem drivers here: http://www.modemsite.com/56k/smartlink.asp

If your modem is a Smart Link 56K Voice Modem, you can download v4.20.01 from our Web site here:

Assuming you have an older version of the drivers, and your modem is the SmartLink 56K Voice model If you install these drivers, you’ll have to unzip the files to a temporary folder, remove the existing Smart Link modem entry from the control panel/modems and then run the SETUP.EXE from the temporary folder to start the installation of the new drivers. Make sure WinFax is shut down and other programs are closed. You can also use the “End all WinFax Tasks” in WinFax Tools to close down all WinFax related programs.
You’ll need to reboot after the installation is complete.