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What version of WinFax PRO are you using?

for fax forwarding, via e-mail:

Version 10 sends the email with a self extracting .exe attachment with the built in mini fax viewer.
version 10.01 and higher send the email with an .fxm attachment, with no built in fax viewer.

for fax notifications to yourself that include a copy of the fax pages, notification emails will be sent with .fxm attachment. These fxm files can be viewed on any PC with the proper viewer installed, or WinFax PRO installed. You cannot view the fxm files on mobile devices, or Apple machines.

If your email application won’t handle the .exe format, or you find the email is being blocked on the recipient side (you have no control over this)
you can upgrade your WinFax to version 10.01 or higher.

For Premium Forum subscribers, a Version 10.01 update patch from version 10.0 is available here:

A WinFax Viewer to view all WinFax files (fxs, fxm, fxd, fxr) is available here: