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Thanks for your reply. This is a self built machine and I remain a newbie at this. I moved the modem to a different PCI slot and that has corrected the Hardware issue. There is no external serial port on the motherboard. I also installed the software and updated the drivers for the modem which I had not yet done. I ran the modem configuration wizard for Winfax and all seems to be ok with the modem so far. I will be attaching the client to the fax line soon to try it out. I could not figure out why the computer was so slow after running the compatibility checker. I now do not feel it was the patch that caused this. Out of frustration I uninstalled “Concord Winfax Plugin v3.0” from add/remove programs. What is this for and do I need to reinstall it, if so how do I install it again. I’m using Winfax 10.04.

I’m impressed with your diagnostic skills, knowledge of networking/computers, modems and fax programs. What is your background?