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<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatus.WFD
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatus.WFF
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatus.WFG
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatus.WFR
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatus.WFX
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatus2.WFD
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatus2.WFG
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatus2.WFX
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatus3.WFD
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatus3.WFG
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatus3.WFX
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatusS.WFD
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatusS.WFG
<> C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxDataStatusS.WFX

These 15 database files did not get recovered, because they we’re in use (open) at the time of the restore. These database files consist of your default send, receive and outbox events (logs). So your send and receive logs will be missing (empty)

You’ll have to perform the restore again, this time, make sure WinFax and the WinFax Controller are not running. You must also stop any WinFax processes, such as the WinFax Service.

WinFax Tools has an option to do this, by clicking “End all WinFax Tasks”

Once you’ve done that, perform the restore again. Check your status logs, there should be no errors messages on those files.