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1. Open the Control Panel.
2. Double-click the Mail icon. (If the MAIL icon does not appear, try switching to CLASSIC VIEW)
3. Click on the Data Files button. Click on the “Data Files” Tab (for Outlook 2007)
4. Select “WinFax Logs” from the list and click “Remove”. (If you are using Outlook 2007 you will need to click on the Data Files tab first.)
5. Verify you clicked ”WinFax Logs” and then click “Yes” to confirm removal of the “WinFax Log” data-file. (WARNING: Be sure you only select and remove the WinFax Logs folder)

NOTE: This does not delete your logs in WinFax PRO, it only removes the link in Outlook to your WinFax logs. You can continue using your Outlook 2003 contacts in WinFax PRO. Outlook 2007 IS NOT SUPPORTED at all in WinFax PRO.