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@Moderator wrote:

yes, also check the properties on the client PC. I expect it to be the same as what is displayed when you check the properties on the shared receive log folder.

OK – Sorry it took so very long to respond. I have tried a couple of things which might help to find an answer.

First the “Right Click” properties information is the SAME no matter if the Fax located on the Shared Fax Folder is checked by any Client or by the server (keeping in mind the Shared Fax Folder is located on a third computer which is accesible by all computers and is the backup for other services (unrelated to faxing). This central storage makes it easier to perform backup when needed.

Second – As stated earlier I found that the fax could be copied to the original folder on the Server Fax computer and THEN one can forward the fax. To recap, one cannot simply “Forward” the fax from the Shared Fax Folder; this is cumbersome and it can hard to remember – sometimes when the job needs to be done quickly – hence we still “right click” on the Fax in the Shared Fax folder to try to Forward and this fails – the computer gets momemtarily “frozen” with the Task Manager reaching 100% for a moment at which time, the fax program does not respond. Then there is the error message as mentioned earlier in a previous post.

Third – I found that one can simply open the fax to be forwarded (while it is located on the Shared Fax Folder) and then print to fax which effectively forwards the fax by opening a new Send dialogue. This just adds another step in the forwarding process and the solution remains cumbersome.

In conclusion there seems to be two solutions to the Forward mystery (neither is a good solution)
A – Copy the fax back to the original Receive Fax Folder and then forward
B – Open the fax and then print to Winfax – this will open up a new send dialogue which effectively allows forwarding

If there is any way to figure out how to simply forward a fax – that would circumvent the two round about solutions. Thank you

Thank you.