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I followed your instructions and viewed every cover sheet via Go, Cover Pages. Alas, the image associated with 77.TIF (a long-bearded man behind a desk with the long beard extending out from under the desk) was not among them. What I did discover though, is that I have many duplicate cartoon cover pages, located under different categories and sometimes with different file names (sometimes the same file name, but in lowercase and also in uppercase). I also noticed that I am missing one of my favorite cartoon cover pages, the one that has Someone under the covers. I have file names claiming to be that cartoon, but the wrong cartoon displays. I guess my cover page database got corrupted somehow.

Is there some source from which I can download the correct cartoon for the file description Cover sheet (with someone under the covers!)?

Is there anything else I can try to get rid of the G: drive 77.TIFF errant backup log entry?

Thanks for all your help.