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WOW!! What an excellent and comprehensive reply.

Based on what may become involved in the progression of the tests, I think I will want to capture a backup image of the workstation exactly as it is now, before proceeding. That way, we can always come back to a known point (if something “worse” happens along the way [grin]). I’m in the middle of a priority project for another client for the next few days – I may not get a chance to capture the backup and run through these suggestions until the coming weekend.

I just wanted to let you know, so that if/when you don’t see any further activity in this thread for a few days, you don’t misinterpret it as disinterest … or that I have abandoned the thread (as forum posters do, way too often – although, perhaps less so here at GetFaxing).

Just a couple of FYI’s, though, that I can give you before I even run through the steps …

I haven’t tried printing just 2 items (that’s not a bad thought); the lowest number I happened to try was 4. Having said that, I did try several different batches/items … including items which have previously printed out just fine in batches. So, it could end up being bad entries or log corruption – but at a high level, the bookies would probably give long-ish odds on that one [grin].

The total number of entries in the Send Log is <3000 (well away from the ~10000 limit), so fortunately, I don't think we have to worry about that one.

It never hurts to try things, especially when chasing down unusual problems … so I will definitely follow through on all of the items/steps that you have suggested. Regardless of successes or failures, I’ll post the results back here as soon as I have them.