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10,000 pages is the absolute upper limit where you can’t send any more or receive faxes, but logs can fail well before you reach that limit. If you have about 2000 – 3000 entries, then you might be reaching the threshold where you will start to experience problems (slow processing etc.). Check Send/Rec Log Limits in WinFax Tools to confirm your send and receive log usage.

Here’s what Symantec (from WinFax Help) has to say about the default “Messages” message store that is used to store all incoming and outgoing faxes by default.

Messages in the Messages message store are uncompressed; the Messages message store is therefore more suitable for short-term message storage or for storing a smaller number of messages. If you want to keep your messages for long-term use or you receive large numbers of messages, you can set up your own message filing system with custom message stores and subfolders. For example, you might want to organize correspondence by customer and your sales reports by quarter.

In addition to this, Windows doesn’t handle large number of files in a single folder, so having 10,000+ files in a single folder isn’t a good idea. Its always a good idea to have message stores created in sub-folders located in another folder, or sub-folder of the WinFaxData folder. I find the easiest method is to store faxes by the YEAR they were send or received, if you send a lot of faxes, then you might want to use quarters , or monthly message stores.