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A first time I ever came across a computer that would not boot up in safe mode like you ask. Tried updating grahic drive a ram128 then it say no adapters so it dont install. today started problem not sending to one fax machine normally do everyday and would not work(NOT EVEN HEAR OTHER FAX MODEM). then I send to another fax machine then after that I could resend to fax that would not work before and work.I have got winfax to receive after getting a time warner phone line and verizon tech came to my house and cant figure out why i can receive with time warner and not theres but could from theres untill dec.1st. I tried to back up winfaxpro on cd but only see messages and not phone book plus i needed to check what i wanted one by one and is time consuming. there must be a way to copy the backup file to cd that simple(im no rocket scientist) can you help?
Also its not been easy to say the least and appreciate any suggestions to get winfaxpro running more right.