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I have been going on dail up internet daily to coorespond on winfaxpro forum. I have wandered myself if receiving fax becomes a problem after using the modem for internet but have not discovered it yet causing a problem. I had problem also receieving entire pages where it cut off some of the page. I have unchecked 2d compression in modem properties on fax tab and seemed to help some but not all the time. Also NOT able to receive from some fax machines but if I change modem settings from class1 to class 2.0 I can receive from them. Finally in modem properties I see 3com modemPCI ADI#2, before was PCI ADI
I have faxed 15 files you mentioned in the data file to your email to see if your xp repeats this same problem THAT DOES TO 2 COMPUTERS I HAVE TRIED ALREADY.The problem was everytime I click receive arrow down to show other folders then close it using the arrow that points to the right(looks like a thumbtack) to get bigger view of receive folder it loses 1 old log.