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I have not bought the xp yet but is my plan later. I am choosing first to get a external serial modem(model 3049C) your first preference of choice for modems with winfaxpro. I feel this may help my send and receive issues the most right now, WHAT DO YOU THINK?
I do want to thankyou. I was missing log entries when I click receive arrow down to show other folders then close it using the arrow that points to the right(looks like a thumbtack) and you suggested lowering screen color from 32 to 16 bit. at first there was no change but last night I lowered the color parcels down to 800-600 or 600-800(forgive me I forget exact number) I now cannot reproduce the problem anymore no matter how hard I try. I have tried my computer savy friends but they tried and failed. All in all I want to publically say THANKYOU! I would never had been able to solve this without your help. As I am continuing to expand winfax it is becoming obvious to me without this forum and your support I may not have a job today as I depend on winfaxpro for my work. You have been patient, kind and very professional with me even with my lack of computer knowledge. Giving credit when credit is due I want to say to you: THANKYOU, THANKYOU!!