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Heres an update: I was having daily problems so taken your advice I bought a brand new serial external modem by zoom with a conexant chipset, your favorite right? I bought a new xp pentium 4 service pack 3 with 504 MB of Ram. Phone line used now is on verizon fiber optic instead of time warner VOIP line before. The first week I felt all the trouble was gone and was flawless. the next week I saw 1 time it did not give handshake and sent the same fax twice. The hewart Packard I bought at wal mart for 29.99 always works flawlessly without reduceing speed to 9,600 bps or lower exept when other fax requires slow speed.(reduceing speed says to me there is a problem and were just putting me on crutches rather than solveing what is creating the problem) But after spending many hundreds of dollars I am suprised when I saw 1 time in 2 weeks it sends same fax twice. I would consider paying online live support if you think it can be fixed so handshaking would be 100 percent reliable. I send alot of faxes so I heard before alot of complaining from others that I have sent the same fax up to 8 times right in a row.