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I went to local disc C, then program files then symantec then to winfax then to data. then opened up thum drive and copied data to data with winfax closed. when that not work i copied winfax to winfax, no work and went to symantec to symantec. Now when I go to program files click symantec there is a new symantec file again where you see winfax file. when i click winfax i see new winfax file where you see data file. I think I should delete these new files. I also looked on the thumbdrive I backed up files and see in data file a ton of fxd and fxr files that are recent to 2/2012 but winfax is only showing up to 3/2011. Should I move the information from thumbdrive to desktop and then copy data to data? Since I dont know I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP.
Please advise correct way to restore