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The easiest way to accomplish this is to copy the entire winfaxdata folder from your backup, to the fresh (new) Winfax installation. The most common mistake made is that these files are copied over when WinFax is active. You have to make sure that WinFax is not active when you do this, otherwise, logs do not get copied over.

In WinFax Tools, make sure you disable the WinFax Service
and End all WinFax Tasks. This should make sure no WinFax program is holding on to any log files or phonebook files. Now copy the entire contents of the backed up WinFaxData folder to the brand new installation of WinFaxData folder.

If your original WinFax only had default logs and phonebooks, they should appear in the new WinFax install automatically. If you had additional message stores and phonebooks, they will not appear and you have to add them manually. If you need assistance with this let us know.

The problem with the WinFax backup will probably carry forward to the new machine, this is likely the result of too many log entries in your default send and receive logs. These default logs shouldn’t be used for mass storage of faxes, instead, new message stores should be created.