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@Moderator wrote:

You’re only going to see the WinFax Logs displaying faxes sent/received prior to the orignal backup, not after. You might still have the actual faxes (FXR, FXD etc.) in your folder, but they aren’t linked to the log database. You can’t manually link “orphaned” faxes to an existing send/receive log.

Unless you have the actual log files (corrupted or not) you can’t restore those logs. If the log is corrupt, and you have a copy of it, you might be able to restore it.

Thank you for your response. I’m sure I have the old logs still in the original backup file and I’m sure they were “restored” along with everything else. I just assumed it was a Registry issue with WinFax. Since the Controller loads on boot I just figured WinFax created a new send/receive log before I had a chance to restore the original ones and as such would no longer recognize the previously dated ones. The missing faxes and logs are the ones created between, and backed up with, the Incremental backups done after the original complete backup. Those too were all restored in order.

I can try once again to restore the old logs but what file extensions would I be looking for? Would it be one file or several? What should I do, if anything, with the currently dated log files? I have not sent or received any faxes since the whole crash/restore fiasco so I would not lose anything overwriting the current logs. ~Thanks, Dave