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Try the following:

1. End all WinFax Tasks
Start WinFax Tools.
Click End All WinFax Tasks.
Click Yes to end all tasks.
Choose Yes when prompted to close WinFax Port Starter and Wfxswtch.exe

2. Delete the non-working “WinFax” printer driver
Click Show Printers.
Select the “WinFax” printer driver. Right click, select “Delete”.
Click Yes to delete the “WinFax” printer driver.

3. Reinstall the printer drivers.
Start WinFax Tools.
Click Install & Setup Tools.
Click Install Printer Drivers.
Click Yes to install.
Wait a few minutes.

Click Start Controller.
Click Show Printers. Check to see if both WinFax printers are listed. (if not, close Window wait, and click show printers again)
Click WinFax Printer. Right-click Properties.
Click Print Test Page.

Does a proper test page appear with the WinFax send screen?