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I seem to recall a similar problem with a Hebrew version of Windows XP, unfortunately, no solution was found with the 10.03 install, but the original poster got everything working with 10.00. I found it here:

Some other suggestions, hints:

Make sure you are using a 32 bit Windows XP version, WinFax does not work with x64 bit versions of Windows. I don’t believe you’re using an x64 bit version, but I mention it for others that may be reading this thread.

Did you install WinFax with an account with Administrator rights ?

Also make sure you have both : wfxsnt40.exe and wfxswtch.exe active programs in your program list (see the list in WinFax Tools) this will usually be found in c:windowssystem32wfxsnt40.exe and c:program fileswinfaxwfxswtch.exe
These two programs should be in your Windows startup, and should be active all the time. Wfxswtch.exe is active only with versions 10.02, 10.03 and 10.04 with Windows XP operating systems.

Do you see any error messages in Event Viewer, under System, related to WinFax “Printer” ?
(Start, Run, type Eventvwr.msc and click Ok.)

Try starting the WinFax Controller,
go to Control Panel, Printers.
Open the WinFax printer driver,
click on Properies.
Click Print Test Page.
Does the WinFax dialog box open? Do you see the Windows printer test page?