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WinFax is only going to fax the print job(s) you selected to print to the WinFax printer, nothing more unless you added the optional attachments, or a cover page. So if your original print out included the incorrect pages, WinFax will fax them. As you enter the fax number & recipient name, there is also preview window at the bottom left corner where you can see thumbnail pages of the faxes that are going to be transmitted. If you’re manually printing to WinFax (that’s why I asked if it was automated) you should verify your faxes before you send them. I am 100% sure these pages aren’t added after you click send, they were already there when you clicked Send.

If its not the application that is adding these pages to the print job, then where are these other pages coming from? Its possible there is some sort of failure occuring during a previous print job to WinFax. There could be a spooling problem, or failed attachment problem. Are the incorrectly attached pages failed print jobs from a previous print job to the WinFax printer?

An example would be where you want to fax a report for Patient A, so you print out the report, but while you’re printing it you relalize its the wrong report, so you abruptly cancel WinFax and start over (while it was processing the pages). Now you re-print the correct report to WinFax, and go ahead and enter the proper fax details to send the fax and click Send (without actually verifying what you’re sending) Patient A gets their report, plus some other pages from a failed print job. The problem here is WinFax still has the “old” print job in memory because you failed to allow WinFax to properly dump the old pages in temporary memory.

I see WinFax users do this all the time, and eventually “the garbage builds up” and it causes problems with printing to the WinFax printer driver where no documents are attached, which is why we recommend using the No Pages Fix in WinFax Tools to clear out this problem.

I’m not sure if this describes what may be occuring to you, but its entirely possible.