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No, there are no scanners or scanner software installed. The client is a basic desktop similar but not identical to other clients in the office, has similar software including symantec antivirus corporate edition. The only difference is that it is currently the only client with SP2 and not SP3. The best observation I have is that the problem is intermittent and when Server Busy appears shortly after bootup, a check of task manager shows DoScan running however all of the other clients in the office have the same antivirus software and this problem has never occurred on them. A laptop currently used as the fax host works fine. Is this problem related to Winfax or is it related to the Trendnet TFM 560x modem I installed on the client? I’m already having difficulty with the modem (I chose it as an external serial cable modem) and have not been able to get it to work properly with Winfax. It properly received one fax but now when a fax comes in, Winfax shows “Setting Speaker” then drops the call followed by multiple short attempts to receive again. The modem does not pick up. I tried changing the initialization string as recommended in one of your other posts without any luck. I emailed Trendnet as there is a problem attempting to download the most up to date driver from their website but should I just settle on finding another modem and if so which do you recommend?