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Winfax send menu does not have “Scan and Send” as do a couple of my other clients with scanning software installed. Uninstalling the modem did not help as you suspected. Server Busy only appears after a reboot and disappears if I click anywhere on the desktop. I do not have to click “Switch To” or “Retry”. There are no entries in Event Viewer when the message appears. If I remove Winfax from the start up folder and reboot the client, the Server Busy does not appear even after starting Winfax manually. Is there any other way to figure out which program is interfering with Winfax? What is the disadvantage of ignoring the Server Busy message? I would prefer to have Winfax in the start up folder. Should I try uninstalling/re-installing winfax or install SP3 to correct the problem?

I had the modem configured to answer on the 1st ring so perhaps that was the problem I was experiencing with receiving faxes. I will try this again after resolving the Server Busy issue.

Thank you.