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@Moderator wrote:

if only 1 out of the 5 clients fail to read the shared phonebook, then its likely a problem with that specific client installation of WinFax PRO.

If you remove the shared phonebook from that specific client that is failing, and create a new default phonebook. Does it continue to fail when selecting a phonebook? or opening the Send dialog?

Thank you for your prompt response. The client computer in question has been in operation for about one year (as a client but without the shared phonebook) and was a stand alone installation for a little longer previously – in other words, the install was stable. I got the idea of a shared phonebook from this Forum for which I am very grateful (as it does work with the other three computers). The only thing that seems to be different from the one failed computer and the others is that the failed computer is a PIII (pentium 3) while the others are P4. I don’t this would be the explanation, however.

Unfortunately, i am unable to access the phonebook any longer as the moment I try to access the phonebook (either directly by going to the “Go” then “Phonebook” menu or indirectly by sending a fax), the computer freezes and I have to Ctrl-Alt-Del out of the program. In other words, the program no longer responds at all. I will have to reinstall the program (unless you have a suggestion for a remedy to try).

Thank you again for your help.