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Yes, you can install an external US Robotics and internal Fax Modem in the same computer.

In WinFax, you setup the 2nd modem under Program Setup, Modem & Communication Devices. Set it as active, so you have two modems selected (with a checkmark)

When you send a fax, you have the option to select a modem to use, the default is “First Available” , or you can select a specific modem. When “First Available” is used, If modem #1 is busy, WinFax uses Modem #2 automatically. Each modem has to be connected to its own phone line for this to work.

This also works with receiving and sending, if modem #1 is receiving, Modem #2 can be used for sending. You can also configure a modem for sending only, and the other modem for receiving only.

Yes, having two modems can save you lots of time and less busy signals for customers that send you faxes.