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One of the machines is a Host while the other is a stand alone. Both have Win2K as the OS and both have WinFax Pro 10.03 installed.

I did try to access the modem – from both inside WinFax (WinFax Pro Program Setup) as well as through Control Panel. In both situations the computer simply “hung” and did not respond – when WinFax was in the hung state. On the other hand, there is no problem accessing the modem through either Control Panel or WinFax Pro Program Setup when WinFax is not in a “hung” state.

I believe these are NOT software modems but are hardware modems and I think the drivers are up to date – but I can try to verify that by calling 3COM for support. I wonder if they have any support for such old hardware at this time. If you have any suggestions on how to achieve this, I would most appreciative.

I can also try to change to Com3 as I don’t believe there is anything on any of the Com ports. Because the modem has a pin setting on the actual modem board that allows it to be Plug and Play (vs the user defined pins selection on the modem board for COM abd IRQ selection) – I just let the modem and computer decide which Com port and IRQ would be chosed. I have read somewhere that Com3 is recomended.

I definately have screen saver active (trying to save energy as the computer is on 24 hours a day). The rest of the power settings are set to “never” – for hard drive for example. I will definately turn the screen saver off!!

I will report to you on the outcomes of the above suggestions. Again, thank you.