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USR’s web site for support is here:

You can determine your model # by following these instructions
If these are older models, they might be listed under the Legacy Products / Internal Analog Modems or OEM Modems if the modem was bundled with a computer.

and from there, you can determine what drivers are required and if they are hardware based/controllerless or software modems.

If com3 is available, it is preferred to have the modem on com 3 instead of com 4. The IRQ should be automatically selected for you, and it should not conflict with any other device installed in your system. Also, the motherboard bios can also limit specific IRQs for specific PCI slots on the motherboard, so which slot the modem is inserted into can limit the IRQ that will be assigned to it. The most common (manual) assignment for COM3 is IRQ 5 (assuming you don’t use a 2nd Printer Port (LPT2) – that is reserved for IRQ 5).