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@ringadeal wrote:

Received Fax (*.FXR files) slots available (Maximum of 10,000) : 9575
Send Fax slots (.FXD Files) available (Maximum of 10,000) : 8678

Cover Page Text files (*.CVR files) total count is : 183

Those counts are fairly normal, but they don’t indicate any possibility of data corruption.

To determine if the problem is related with corrupt data files in your “Data” folder, you can reset WinFax to a temporary state where you have a blank phonebook, and blank send and receive logs. You can do this temporarily for testing purposes, so you don’t lose your actual WinFax data.

1. Start WinFax Tools.
Click on WinFax Info.
Take note of the Data/Fax default path, usually its set to C:Program FilesWinFaxData for version 10.02 or higher, and C:Program FilesSymantecWinFaxData for older versions.
Click No to exit this dialog box.

NOTE: I recommend making a backup copy of this entire folder if you do not already have a working backup. Before making a copy make sure that WinFax is closed (you can do End all WinFax Tasks in WinFax Tools to close WinFax)

2. Click on End All WinFax Tasks.
If already open, this will close WinFax, the controller, and background WinFax tasks. Click Yes on any options it asks to close such as the Port Starter, and Wfxswtch.exe.

3. Now in Windows XP, go to the folder where you determined is the default Data/Fax path in step 1.
Rename the “Data” folder, to “DataOriginal”. Make sure you do not delete it! This is why I recommend having a backup.

4. In WinFax Tools, click Start Controller. If the WinFax Controller does not appear, you may need to restart the computer and try it again. Once WinFax Controller appears, go to step 5.

5. In Windows XP, locate the default WinFax folder again you determined in step 1. You should see a new folder called “Data” along with the folder you renamed, “DataOriginal”. WinFax created another new Data folder and is now using this folder instead of “DataOriginal” (where all your data is)

6. Start WinFax Message Manager. You’ll notice that your logs are empty. Your phonebook is also empty. This is because the Data folder is now reset, as if WinFax was just installed.

7. Now try sending faxes to see if the problem continues. You can send test faxes to 1-707-220-4498 and you can test send and receive with 1-888-473-2963 (1-888-HPFAX-ME) this will receive and then send you a fax after it has been received.

To go back to your original setup, you need to perform steps 2-4, but in step 3 you need to rename “Data” to “DataTest”, and then “DataOriginal” back to its original name “Data”. After renaming, you’ll have two folders, “Data” and “DataTest”. Always make sure WinFax is closed before renaming folders