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Thankyou I have followed the steps and all the options on the toolbars are there that was not there before I followed your steps.
Then I closed winfax(only winfax not the controller) and reopened winfax. from the receive log I opened viewer for fax received. again it does not show the command toolbar. if I click tools in the viewer then click customize toolbars I see 4 toolbars, 1st command toolbar, 2nd. utility toolbar, 3rd. Drawing toolbar, 4th. font toolbar. without making any changes and clicking ok the command toolbar returns on the viewer. however close winfax and reopen winfax and the command toolbar disapears again. I can create this problem 100 percent of the time by closing winfax and reopening it. Also clicking tools on top and then clicking setup i see there is a check mark on use settings from last session. even if you uncheck it there is no change. I have left it with a checkmark to use settings from last session. this additional information I hope is helpful on troubleshooting but please let me know if and what additional information could be useful.