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I am starting to think I am making headway at getting winfaxpro in top order now that its yours too. first time I tell you problem and it occours with yours too. I must say you have helped tremendously. I think its command and utility bar with mine as well too. I have giving you a brand new issue never known before. Can you see if it can be fixed? Being new problem I understand it may take a several days or week to study and see if it can be worked out. My only other issue is winfax wont back up which is common problem I see in forum and in some cases it wont back up for various reasons. I will post a new topic when I get to addressing that. I am just giving myself kudos or a pat on the back now because I finally cant blame my system or me, but then I have been at it for 5 months doing everything you instruct and say is best to use with winfax. No way I could have done it or got this far without you. Can you see if the toolbar can be fixed and let me know?