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On the viewer I do see some toolbars always but not all of them. when you open the viewer and click on tools then customize toolbars I see 4 different types of toolbars. what I notice is if you wanted to click text box to type something on fax, the bold,italic and underline has disappeared for one thing, print preview or print, open page or rotate page buttons also disappear on toolbars but if I go to tools and custmize toolbars and checkmark large buttons or uncheck it if it was already checked the bold,italics,underline options reappear as well as all the options in the toolbars. I dont know which of the four toolbars is losing options on a daily basis and happens frequently or on restart even though I closed program and controller before shutting down.
As far as log verification issue that has stoped after shutting down controller and program before shutting off computer as you mentioned to do. Please let me know if you need any additional information regarding the toolbar issue. I have not notice problem when sending faxes and annotate, mainly just when you receive fax and open viewer.