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1. Start WinFax Tools and Click on “Start Controller”. The WinFax PRO controller should appear in the task bar. If your WinFax was locked up or frozen from a previous test, it is recommend to reboot or make sure all WinFax PRO processes are shut down.
2. Click Show Printers.
3. Find the “WinFax” printer. Right-click the “WinFax” printer , and then click Properties.
4. On the General tab, click Print Test Page.
5. Click OK to the message if the test page printed.
6. The WinFax PRO Send Screen show now appear. Does the Windows XP Test page appear in the Send Window? Does a thumbnail appear?

1. I did the “end all processes” and then had to manually shut down the remaining 2 processes from Task Manager.
2. I noticed that I now have a total of 3 winfax printers: 1) Winfax; 2) Winfax (Photo Quality); 3) Winfax (Copy 1) — no idea where that extra copy came from, but carried on with the next steps on each of the two, one at a time.
6. Winfax PRO Send Screen did not appear, for neither of the two Winfax printers. I received a dialog box that says:
“Winfax is not active for this user account. Please start the controller and try again”
okay.. oops.
Back to WinFax Tools 138, and I hit “Start Controller”

Back through the steps again, and I hit “Print a Test Page”… the page shows up under the printer queue then disappears as if it printed, but the WinFax PRO SEND dialog window never appears.