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I’m now fully destressed and eating a extra-large helping of Humble Pie. As you suspected, the issue was related to the rather large amount of faxes in my SEND and RECEIVE folders.

While I had been diligently moving things into organized folders, I was foolishly moving them into sub-folders within the main SEND and RECEIVE folders which does absolutely nothing for clearing up the logs. Looks fabulously neat, and does absolutely nothing functional – it’s like…. corn.

I had already spent 2 days trying to fix something that was escaping me, and ultimately used the remote assistance. I’m so thankful that I did, and grateful to the tech (KUDOS TO YOU, Mr. Moderator!!) that was able to sort out the issue.

Have a great weekend, I know that I’m going to be spending “quality time” with WinFax and my 2 days of backed up faxes. 😆