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Thanks to Moderator for your advice.

Its very useful to know that there is a max capacity for send and receive files of of 10,000 each.

I have recounted my messages, and although have 6000 lines in the winfax backup report and 13000 files in the data directory, the actual log count of fax messages is about 2000 in each of send and receive.

It looks like I may have had another issue with the Winfax backup program, as following your advice, I transferred half the files to another message store but I found I still had problems with an unsuccessful back up, this time with error message in the backup log of a “file not found”, even after using the Winfax maintenance utility to rebuild the Phonebooks/Log.

The reason I wanted to do a backup was to fix the printer driver in Winfax and then to do a restore after, as only the first page of faxes are being printed with the Winfax driver and the rest of the pages on multi-page faxes seem to get stuck in the Windows Printer Spooler without being printed to Winfax.

I uninstalled Winfax from the control panel and it unfortunately it stopped during the uninstallation. And I tried reinstalling but get message to say cannot as there is a prior installation.

Fortunately I made a backup of the windows registry and the Winfax directory using regular third party backup software and was able to restore the Winfax program to its former position.

My new puzzle now is to try and figure out the best way to completely uninstall Winfax 10.03 so I can make a fresh re-install.